face1There is one thing that watches collectors never admit, that a brand reputation is what really counts. Ask any of them and they will tell you that apart from accurate time, prestige and elegance with an original watch is what makes your money worth. The problem is you can get two popular brands with the same quality, same design but with entirely different price, and people are getting frustrated every day by these overpriced brands. MTMT watches have come in handy to overcome these frustrations.
Their watches adhere to three key elements: minimalist design both in casual and professional setting, Quality material and half the price you get with the same quality watch in the market today. Their reputation needs no explanation, but their features need one. Below is MVMT watches review that can help you make the right choice before you go shopping.

MVMT watches come in different choices among them, white/tan leather, a black/tan leather, gold/brown leather, matching bracelets and Chrono series with different designs. All these types are powered by Miyota Quartz, which, by the way, powers almost all expensive watches in the world. The watches for men are made of stainless steel case with a diameter of 45 mm with shock protected hardened crystals. It comes either with a metallic band or tan usually 24 mm wide. The women watch differs in diameter length both on the case and on the band. They case is mostly 38mm and the band is 18mm. These sizes make this watch flexible and very comfortable.
Despite its large size look, it is a very light watch which makes it perfect both casually and professionally. You will get polished marker on the hour that is fairly flat thereby lending a little dimension to the dial. The minutes hand is also polished to match the color of the case or band but in most watches you will find that the second is painted black apart from black dial version that has a red second hand.

Wearing The MTMT watches.
The Leather strap is soft and feels great on the wrist. You won’t get complain about wrist sweat, a problem that usually plagues other types of watches in the market. Despite its bold and chunky appearance, MVMT watches are surprisingly discreet to wear. You will also get Metal link band for those who like a more classic look. The spot to adjust the watch according to your size is impressive, and they do not stretch or tear after adjustment. They are also very easy to set.

It is hard to accept that its price is 100$ less than half’ the price of competitive brands and considering that it has even better quality and stylish look. This watches offers a perfect chance for everyone to have a quality timepiece that fits any lifestyle without breaking anyone wallet. MVMT Watches are shipped and delivered all over the world and can be bought from online stores and are now available in most local jeweler’s stores. You will find them in a simple and easy case that plays a significant role of protecting your MTMT watch during the shipping process.

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ac xExtremely hot summer characterizes the climate of Dubai. Thus, a break of air condition systems can be a frequent and absolute menace. This means that you should strive at all times to have your air conditioning/cooling system at absolute optimal performance. Air conditioning is a complicated process that requires professional approach and should be carried by highly specialized and experienced professional.

If you are experiencing any air conditioners related problems, you should not be worried. We offer planned and responsive Air Conditioning Repair Services in Dubai. Our quick response in air conditioning maintenance services is readily available to all our clients. Our expert technicians work to identify related problems to rectify your system with the quick response you deserve. No matter the kind of air conditioning you use, from the simple Windows A/Cs to the compound chilled water system, we have the right manpower to service you.

What We Do

  1. All types of equipment repair

We can diagnose and fix problems with different air conditioning condensers, A/C compressors, all refrigerator leaks, problems with piping, control panels, coils and duct systems.

  1. Electrical problems with HVAC Equipment

We can tell you if your air conditioning is properly working or not, and any faults caused by electrical related problems. We are qualified to find errors, replace parts and repair appropriately.

  1. Mechanical problems

We can detect mechanical related problems emanating from broken parts, burned out parts, refrigerator leaks, problems with coils and other mechanical parts.

  1. Repairing A/Cs that stopped working.

In case you experience a complete breakdown in your air conditioning units, we are the right people to handle your problem.

We have been doing AC repairs for long, and we can detect any problems without much of your explanations. We want to make you feel confident in us as we help you save your hard-earned money. We make sure we do our work right in a professional manner. We also give you expert recommendation with free preventive maintenance tips.

Why Choose Us

We totally understand air conditioning related problems, and we want to help you put your mind at ease when choosing us and here is why:

  1. We guarantee you total satisfaction. We do our work with high professionalism to leave you 100 percent satisfied.
  1. Our pricing is unbeatable and ridiculously affordable.
  1. Our technical team is vastly experienced and the best in the Dubai market.
  1. We offer excellent customer service. Our human resource department is highly dedicated to assisting you in a quick and efficient manner.
  1. We are locally- owned and operated company, thus we understand the Dubai market quite well.

We have an experienced emergency team of technicians and professional who are always available to serve you. They have years of unparalleled experience in air conditioning maintenance and repair in the whole area of Dubai. We are always ready to solve your AC issues with the urgency and professionalism your equipment deserve. We also offer preventive maintenance services for both residential and commercial air conditioners.

We are committed to our work and keep providing unparalleled services to our clients. This is why we have a huge client base who trust our services and always recommend us. Kindly contact us today and be sure we shall help accordingly.